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The best places to work from in London

28th May 2019

Two people working on their laptops in cafe

Whether you’ve got some extra work to catch up on in your free time or you need to go on an online hunt for a legal job, you are likely to find yourself more productive when you work outside of your home. Read on to find out the best places where to go around London to finally tick some things off your to-do list, whilst enjoying free WiFi and maybe even some tasty treats.

But why has working on-the-go become so popular? We asked The Girl In The Café, an expert barista who shares her coffee experiences on her Instagram @the_girl_in_the_cafe, for her opinion: “It's great to get out for fresh air or have a change in your environment to work from regularly. Cafés are great, because there is food and coffee on hand, so it also saves you time from making it yourself and fuels you to be productive! Some of the workspaces have quiet private meeting rooms too (like Secondhome and Workhub) which is good to know and can be hired out by the hour.”

Bread and Roses

outside a bread and roses cafe bar in London

If you’re want to keep your head down and catch up on some work, then head to Bread and Roses in Kings Cross. You can enjoy a decent cup of coffee whilst you’re productive and, as a reward, you could indulge in a drink from the bar. In the basement of this café-bar, you’ll find The Chapel Playhouse, which offers a line-up of theatre, comedy and music so, if you’re looking to work in a creative and interesting environment, Bread and Roses is perfect for you.

We spoke to the team to find out more about the environment in their café-bar: “We have many people work from our venue across all platforms, from artists to solicitors to journalists and more. We believe people choose to work from here as it is a calm space with plenty of natural light and the staff are friendly and welcoming and we have power points to plug laptops in. We also serve tea and coffee as well as pastries and we have a fully stocked bar.”

The British Library

British library stairwell and book cases

Of course, sometimes you can’t beat going to the library for a productive day. If you thrive in a studious and calm environment, then travel to The British Library. You can use the library’s resources for free by registering online for a Readers Pass, this will give you access to books, maps, journals and many more collections. If you don’t need access to their resources, you can just arrive without a pass and use their public study rooms and free WiFi. The opening times of the library are 9:30 am – 8 pm, so it’s the perfect place to attend for a productive evening.

Park Theatre Café Bar

Another great spot in London for working in a creative environment is the Park Theatre Café Bar. Found at Clifton Terrace and open till 11 pm Monday-Saturday, this café is a great place to go for a whole day and evening, as you can snack on their delicious stone-baked pizzas, coffee and cakes whilst you work. We asked the team at the Park Theatre why they think their café-bar is a fantastic environment for working: “Our upstairs foyer area is ideal for use by individuals or groups co-working; the space is large enough for everyone without being crammed or competing with each other for space.

“We also have food and drink options for breakfast, main meals, sandwiches, cakes so you never have to go far for what you want. All our customers just love the vibe, stay downstairs if you want to embrace the energy or upstairs if you want some more quiet chill time; stick around for our Happy Hour from 5-6 pm to reward yourself with a drink after a long day.

“We strive for Park Theatre Cafe Bar to be an open, creative and supportive environment for all our guests. We have a great range of products (including a wide range of Vegan and Free from options) with casual, friendly service - we love getting to know our regulars and hearing about their projects.”

Look Mum No Hands

Two people working on laptops at a London cafe

With bikes hanging from the ceiling and a cyclist workshop, Look Mum No Hands is definitely an interesting place to work. The café attracts both cyclists’ and non-cyclists, many of which sit along the long window seats with their laptops to catch up on some work. The friendly and energetic atmosphere is great for people who like to feel part of the action, even when they have things to do. You can enjoy great coffee and food whilst you work, not to mention a refreshing drink when you’ve finished as the café stays open till 10 pm most days.

We spoke to the team to find out more about why people head to their bustling café to get some work done: “We love to have people come and work here from the café; just a simple request, we ask that they sit on the long counter looking out of the cafe. There are dedicated plug sockets running all the way along underneath.

“Lots of people love to work from the cafe. It's light and bright, with big windows looking out onto Old St. Great for a spot of people watching too. The long counter is usually full of people working on their laptops all day and night. All sorts like to work here. I think they like it because you get the fun, busy buzz of the cafe on your own little desk. Our café attracts people with bikes, dogs, kids, plus we sell amazing Square Mile Coffee.

“For when you’re done with work, we also sell locally brewed craft beers and wine. If you're hungry, we have an amazing spread of food for veggies, vegan and meat lovers, from 7:30 am until 9 pm. Finally, if you cycle our bicycle workshop can even tinker with your ride while you work!”

The Last Crumb

If you’re after somewhere that has a bit more of a working environment, then grab your laptop and head to The Last Crumb. On the lower ground floor of the café, you will find their co-working space, Crumb@work, where you can make the most of their fast business WiFi, printing and available meeting rooms. The delicious food and drink from the café are still available downstairs, and at a discounted rate, so if you’re hungry you’ll never have to venture far.

To work at The Last Crumb comes with a small fee, £20 per day or £13 per half day. This includes unlimited tea and filter coffee as well as complimentary pastries. There are also options available to use even more facilities at a monthly rate. If you’re looking to work with friends or colleagues outside of work, this is the place to go for a comfortable and useful co-working environment.

Other places you can try

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  • Lantana Café
  • Forge and Co
  • White Post London
  • The Attendant
  • Wellcome Library
  • Fleet Kitchen
  • Kensington Central Library
  • Google Campus
  • Secondhome
  • Workhub

Image Credit: Bread and Roses, Look Mum No Hands.