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The 11 best true crime podcasts

27th July 2018

No matter how many legal jobs you’ve had, as law professionals we just can’t get enough of true crime. From The Staircase to Making A Murderer, nothing helps us unwind more than hearing about a toe-curling criminal case full of chilling motives and baffling mysteries.

We’ve listed our favourite podcasts for lawyers, but to feed your blood-thirsty side, we’ve put together a chilling list of some of the best true crime podcasts that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat.



One of the most famous true crime podcasts out there, award-winning Serial is a definite must for listeners who love following true crime stories.

Hosted by Sarah Koening, Serial follows the story Hae Min Lee, a high school senior who disappears after school one day in Baltimore in 1999. Her classmate and ex-boyfriend Adnan is arrested six weeks later, but Adnan can’t remember what happened that fateful day during those critical 21 minutes.

You can listen to Serial here.



“Fact is scarier than fiction…”

Hosted by an anonymous Australian man, Casefile looks into solved and cold criminal cases in Australia, but occasionally in other countries too. Casefile’s cases often follow well-known murders and serial crimes, and rather than seeking new evidence, focuses on the evidence at hand provided at the time from the media, eye witness accounts, interviews or public announcements.

You can listen to Casefile here.


Someone Knows Something

Hosted and narrated by award-winning filmmaker and writer David Ridgen, Someone Knows Something follows a particular criminal cold case over the course of several episodes.

The show follows the disappearance of 5-year-old Adrien McNaughton, who vanished in Eastern Ontario while on a family fishing trip in 1972. David’s family moved there soon after Adrien’s disappearance, and the association soon fuelled David’s personal interest in the case.

You can listen to Someone Knows Something here.


Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders follows a range of different cold cases from all over the world, taking the listener on an exciting journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempts to solve the case.

“I believe that Unsolved Murders is best described as a modern take on old-time mystery radio drama,” says Julian Boireau, a researcher for the podcast. “We examine the evidence, retrace the investigation, and consider the possible suspects, all while creating dramatic re-enactments of the most critical events from the case.”

You can listen to Unsolved Murders here.


Serial Killers

Are serial killers your guilty pleasure? Slightly different to other ‘murder shows’, Serial Killers delves deep into the madness and minds of some of the world’s most notorious serial killers, with the hope of better understanding their psychological profiles.

Created by the same team as Unsolved Murders above, Serial Killers is “an examination of the most interesting murderers in history, grounded in a well-researched analysis of their upbringing, psychological profile, and any other elements that might allow us to understand their methods and motives,” says researcher Julian. They even offer a live tour for any serious true crime buffs out there.

You can listen to Serial Killers here.


The Alibi

A lesser-known podcast but absolutely thrilling nonetheless, The Alibi is a mere 3 episodes long but is sure to give you a chill down your spine. The podcast was published by the Australian Sunday Telegraph back in 2015, and follows the story of two mothers who were both murdered in their homes 15 years apart. But the strange part? Both murders took place in the same, quiet suburb.

A burglary gone wrong or is something much more disturbing at play? Listen along and see if you can help the Sunday Telegraph’s reporters catch the killers.

You can listen to The Alibi here.


My Favorite Murder

Hosted by American comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder is a weekly crime and comedy podcast that takes a light-hearted, upbeat approach to discussing murder, with episodes ranging from cannibalism to cold cases with some downright “weird” murders in between.

The hosts also take submissions, and occasionally discuss listeners’ stories of murders, hauntings, crimes and survival that happened in their hometowns.

You can listen to My Favorite Murder here.


Sword And Scale

If you like your crime gory and gruesome, Sword And Scale is just your cup of tea.

“Sword and Scale is an immersive audio experience that brings listeners into the very moments when some horrible violent crime occurred,” says Mike Boudet, host and creator of the show. This is done by using a combination of actual 911 calls, police interrogations, courtroom audio and storytelling-style narrative to try dissect the human nature and psychology behind these truly disturbing crimes, in an attempt to understand what makes us tick. “To me, that’s more interesting than the story,” says Mike.

You can listen to Sword And Scale here.



Hosted by Phoebe Judge, Criminal tells the stories of people who have “done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.”

Each episode tells a different story from the last, with subjects spanning a wide range of criminal topics and cases, from a student who made counterfeit banknotes, to investigating the true origin of “420”, to a mother and daughter coroner team.

You can listen to Criminal here.


Up And Vanished

If you love a good old-fashioned missing persons case, Up And Vanished is perfect for you.

Hosted by Payne Lindsey, the show follows the disappearance of beauty queen and high school teacher Tara Grinstead in Payne’s home state, Georgia. What Payne initially envisioned as a true crime documentary quickly turns into an amateur investigation as Payne uncovers new leads and stories, turning this cold case into something much warmer.

You can listen to Up And Vanished here.


True Crime Garage

If you’re looking to kick back and listen to something a little less intense, True Crime Garage is just what the doctor ordered.

Hosted by friends Nic and The Captain, True Crime Garage is just two guys getting together in a garage, drinking beer and chatting about weird and wonderful criminal cases. Each episode starts with a dark and chilling criminal tale, and then the mood lightens with beers being opened and the two hosts discussing the story while cracking each other up.

You can listen to True Crime Garage here.