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How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

13th September 2019

Woman at the gym

With time spent working a professional job such as a lawyer or legal job in London, weekdays can become busy with other commitments and leave with you no time to exercise. However, maintaining an active lifestyle can not only benefit your physical health, but it can also increase your productivity at work. There are some easy ways you can incorporate exercise into your week without massively disrupting your schedule, read on to discover what they are.

Turn your commute into exercise

Man cycling to work

As you’re spending time commuting, either way, a great way to knock exercise off your to-do list is to walk or cycle to work. Even if your commute is too long away, try getting off at an earlier stop and walking the rest of the way! By doing so, you’re also likely to have a more enjoyable journey by swapping overly packed buses or trains with fresh air and space to move.

Workout on your lunch break

Sitting down for long periods in your office job or a long meeting can have negative effects on your health, which is why exercising on your lunch break is a great idea. If you live in a city such as London, this can easily be achieved as gyms and fitness clubs are dotted around the city, many of which offer express lunchtime classes.

An intense 30 or so minute workout at lunch is still enough to make a positive impact on your health. Aim to leave swiftly at lunch, head to your nearest gym and leave enough time to have a quick shower before heading back to work. Some companies even offer an extra 15 minutes for your lunch if you use it as work out time. We’ve found two excellent options for your lunchtime workout, listed below.


One place you can be sure to achieve a great workout is Kobox Boxing Club, which you can find in three convenient locations across London. The club offer classes that focus on upper core, lower body, full-body, core and body weight.

We spoke to the operations director Kris Pace to find out more: “All our classes are 50 minutes long, but we do offer a 30-minute express class at 1.15pm at our City studio (London Wall) and our Marylebone studio (Baker Street). It's a high-intensity, pumping workout which will easily get you back to work within your lunch hour! We'll even have your shake ready for you when you leave.”


Boom cycle spin class

If you like working out on a bike, or you want to give it a try, then Boom Cycle in London is the place to go. With the lights low and the world-class sound system, this immersive experience is like no other spin class and will be sure to lift your energy levels. People of all abilities can join in this fun ‘party on a bike’ experience and enjoy the rides led by expert motivators who encourage you to forget your daily stresses.

Boom Cycle is situated in five different locations across London and they offer 30-minute lunchtime rides, perfect for anyone working in the city. We spoke to Boom Cycle’s health and wellness communications specialist Naomi White to find out more: “Our morning classes regularly have a waiting list and the lunchtime rides are popular with local businesses. Plus, we give our lunch riders a complimentary protein shake from our shake bar. It's a great way to get away from your desk, forget your stress and make the most of your lunch break!”

Schedule exercise like an appointment

Writing in a diary

Just as you wouldn’t cancel a dentist appointment or forget about an important meeting, make exercise a set-in-stone part of your week. Schedule the time in on your Google calendar or diary, and you’ll be less likely to forget or make other plans instead of exercising - form a habit of planning your week on a Sunday so you’re prepared! This method is recommended by Naomi from Boom Cycle, who says: “Schedule in your ride as you would a meeting to make yourself accountable!”

Increase your efficiency

A spare 20-30 minutes is still enough time to fit a great work out if you are efficient. One of the best workouts for those with a jampacked schedule is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which involves intense bursts of exercise followed by rests, and then repeated. Typically, HIIT is practised on cardio machines such as the treadmill, cross trainer or bike, and follows a 1:2 ratio of time spent exercising and resting.                                                                                                        

Workout in the morning

Coffee on bedside table

Now the mornings have become darker, exercising in the early hours can seem off-putting, however, you may be missing out on some extra benefits. According to Shape, exercising in the morning can kick-start your metabolism for the day and help you burn more fat. Plus, you’re likely to sleep better at night. Working out in the morning can also put you in a great frame of mind, as the endorphins will give you a positive boost for the working day ahead.  

Kris Pace continues to tell us what Kobox Boxing Club offer in the mornings: “Before work is also a very busy time for us – we have the early birds in for our 6.15am class, which we run at all studios. We have a special package called the Rise & Grind which people can purchase for this 6.15am class which works out at £13 a class (and can be used across all studios).”

Kris adds what you can expect from a visit: “Our whole philosophy is to give everyone, regardless of experience, fitness or ability, the best 50-minutes of their day. We are the friendliest boxing studio in the world – we're here for all the people who have been too intimidated or anxious to try the sport before.

“In our Fight Club Meets Nightclub studios the lights fade, the beat drops and you're ready for a high-intensity, full-body workout where you'll also learn the fundamentals of boxing through our 6-punch system which will be projected on to the wall for you to follow. Boxing's never been easier to follow and has never been made so fun!”

Attend exercise classes with friends

Exercise class

Many people find going to the gym solo becomes repetitive, making it hard to stay motivated. A great way to overcome this is to sign up to exercise classes with friends, whether it’s boxing, cycling, Zumba or anything that you want to try. Classes are much more involving than just going to the gym alone and by booking your slot, you’re less likely to cancel.

Naomi from Boom Cycle adds: “Make it a date, we love the community vibe at Boom Cycle and so many of our riders choose to come with friends/partners before catching up in the evening - it's a win-win!”

Something is better than nothing

It’s easy to get into the mindset that it’s all or nothing when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, however, even a small amount of exercise will still make a difference. Try doing a few sit-ups, squats or even jog on the spot for ten minutes whilst you’re waiting for your dinner to cook.

Kris from Kobox Boxing Club continued to share his top tips: “Something is better than nothing, and once or twice a week is better than zero times a week. People can very easily give up or write off the week, month or even year if they can't find time for a couple of days but getting back on the horse is always worth it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to train 4 or 5 times a week if it's not realistic. Start with a small target and build confidence from there.”

If you’re working in a professional job, try following our tips for how you can fit exercise into your busy schedule and see the difference in your health and productivity!

Image Credit: Boom Cycle