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Business cards that mean business

16th June 2015

Business cards that mean business

In this modern age you may think that the humble business card has had its day. In the world of LinkedIn and social media it almost seems archaic that people should need to pass on their details on a piece of card – and you would be right.

The days of traditional business cards are gone but they are certainly not forgotten, having taken an entirely different shape. Their core values – a professional way of passing on your contact details that help people remember who you are – are not without use in this contemporary business world and therefore the idea of the business card is not gone, it has just taken a different shape.

Today people have to be smarter about its use. Ensure that they stand out and are memorable in an age of increasing market competition and are appropriate for today’s market. No longer will a piece of card with your face on cut it. Here we take you through examples of business cards that mean business with tips from industry professionals that will ensure your card stands out from the crowd competing in London law recruitment.


The first example of how to turn a traditional business card template into something fit for the 21st century is, of course, taking it digital. Thankfully there are a number of companies that make this possible and we’ve been lucky enough to speak with two of the best who offer their services in different and innovative ways.

Clinck is the digital business card application that makes it possible to share your information directly with people. Available for download on Google Play and the App Store, the recipient doesn’t need to have downloaded the app to receive your business card they simple get an email direct to their inbox and can reply easily. More than just a mail service, the app offers weekly follow-up reminders so that you never forget a contact again.

Here they provided us with an exclusive top tip for creating your own business cards.

“Let your business cards work for you! With Clinck you'll never forget to follow-up with the people you met.”

                                              Clinck iPhone advert

Another great company that has taken the idea of business cards digital is Zap. By signing into the app with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter it creates a business profile for you and makes it easy to share your digital card with anyone. You can also find out more about people by scanning their paper business cards and create an online storage for these contacts rather than losing them in your wallet. Perfect for conferences and networking it really is a great tool for lawyers. Here they give a personalised top tips for those in the legal sector.

“Zap helps law professionals pull up relevant details about people they meet in real-time, on the go, using their smartphone. We built it to then sync new leads with your preferred customer relationship management tool.”

Zap iPhone advert


Just because we are in a digital age, doesn’t mean that online is the only solution. There is still a need and a want for tangible business cards and it gives the opportunity for people to be creative and stand out.

Instantprint makes this possible. Specialising in 24-hour business card printing they are the perfect solution if you need your cards quickly. Priding themselves on their ability to ensure faster turnaround times and sharper pricing through technology, innovation and development, they offer a truly competitive service.

Here instantprint gives us their tips, gained through years of experience.

Make sure it reflects your brand

If you have a quirky or creative brand then your business card is an effective place to show it off, if you're a slightly more formal organisation then use whitespace to communicate a professional image.

Do keep it simple

Space is at a premium so be concise. Stick to the essentials and include your name, company name, website and one or two ways to contact you, such as phone number and email address.

Instantprint lawyer business card

Don't stuff it in

You don't need to fill every inch of your business card, think carefully before adding your full postal address, every social media account or a fax number. A good rule of thumb is "If it can be found on your website then it doesn’t need to be on your business card".

Choose the right stock

A business card is a tangible extension of yourself and of your organisation so a quality stock is important. Choosing a thicker card with a laminated finish is certain to create a favourable perception from your recipients. Instantprint print all of their business cards lithographically on a 450gsm stock with a choice of matt, gloss or velvet lamination.

Make use of both sides

The back of the card gives you space to add additional information, but remember to keep it simple. Why not add some personality with a company logo, eye catching design or inspirational quote.’

Think outside the box

When considering the design of your business card it is vital to be original and stay true to what it is that you offer. A business card with a picture of a dog may look cute but if you’re a lawyer there is little relevance and it will just look unprofessional and confusing. So if you are looking for temporary commercial legal jobs it might be more appropriate to go for a style that represents that.

Graphic design and website development studio Indelible Design are one such company that have been incredibly innovative and forward thinking with the concept of business cards. Based in Vancouver they created a fun and memorable concept for one of their local clients, Yaletown Plumbing. As a part of a website and branding brief they created business cards in the form of mini plungers. Key to its success is that the concept is memorable yet still very much in keeping with the company’s offering.

Here they offer us their words of wisdom.

“A good business card is one that doesn’t get immediately thrown into the trash or dropped on the floor. The best cards have clever ideas, unique sizes, quality paper stock and finishing details that persuade people to hang on to them and wins their business.”

- Josh Krajina, Indelible Design

plunger business cards Indelible Design

Struck is a fantastic example of being innovative with business card design. As a successful creative agency they came up with a brilliant solution for a lawn and property enhancement company. As you can see from the below image, their solution to ensure that their client stood out was to turn their business card into seed sample. Clever!

Lush business card seed packet Struck

Here they also gave a few exclusive tips for how to go about attempting something similar yourself.

“1) Your business card must be a direct reflection of your brand's personality.

2) Remember, the need for business cards has greatly diminished in the digital era. Much of the info is secondary at this point - it's really more about creating an initial impression.

3) Despite # 2, it's still imperative to invest in good stock and print quality.

4) Lastly, gimmicks can work, as long as they make sense with your business model and personality. Otherwise they can be too distracting, so tread lightly in this direction.”

- Scott Sorenson, Creative Director

Now we bet you’re thinking, ‘but I’m in the legal sector, I can’t go giving out seeds’ and you would be right. The key is for your business card to make sense in line with your offering and that can be done whilst being innovative and different.

Graphic designer Ben Morales designed a fantastic lawyer-themed business card that featured on the creative work website Behance.  He had the idea of playing on the ‘behind bars’ element of criminal law and the result was really quite stunning.

Here he gives us a few of his top tips.

“The business card is just a single component of an individual's brand, but it can be a vital one for those who depend on face-to-face interactions for new business. Most corporations and businesses choose to keep the design simple, allowing the recipient to easily access the necessary contact info when needed. But with skill and tact, a business card can be truly memorable, setting one apart from a sea of eggshell-toned cardstock imprinted with Times New Roman. So decide what sets you apart and brand yourself accordingly.”

Ben Morales advert

Image Credit: Clinck, Zap - The Digital Business Card, Instantprint, Indelible Design, Struck, Ben Morales