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7 lifestyle changes for a successful career

29th April 2019

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Are your lifestyle choices hindering your career? Sometimes all it takes are a few small changes to your day-to-day life to help. When you are working in a professional environment, especially legal sector jobs, you will find a massive difference to your success by simply changing your habits. Read on to find out the seven secret lifestyle changes that you can start using today.

Set goals

Man writing down a to do list

It’s always a good idea to have something to strive towards. Set goals in the different areas of your life; where do you want to be professionally in a years’ time? How much money do you want to have saved? What skills do you want to have learnt? By having clear, manageable goals you will naturally work harder towards them. For each goal, break down smaller targets that you can realistically reach each month. Remember, don’t be vague and leave any room for ambiguity so that you can measure your progress accurately.

Plan each day

At the end of each day, write down everything you need to do the next day and you can wake up and have a clear overview of what you need to achieve. Having all of your tasks in front of you will help with managing your time and prevent you from forgetting anything.  

We spoke to Sabrina from Simply Sabrina to find out her lifestyle tips to help a successful career: “We all have the same amount of hours in the day, but I think what makes someone successful is the ability to plan out their day and be productive from the beginning. I start every morning with a to-do list and as the experts say, do the hardest thing on your list first. I allow myself to feel successful by checking things off my list throughout the day and end it with rolling over whatever is left till the next day. When you can visualize your commitments, it helps you stay mentally ahead and less overwhelmed when you feel like there just "isn't enough hours in the day."

Be healthier

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Not only does exercise have a positive physical impact, but it also benefits the brain. Daily exercise helps productivity and creativity which can massively boost your career. After a long day at work, you may find it hard to motivate yourself to visit the gym, but the long-term effects will be worth it. If working out at the gym doesn’t suit you, buy a membership to use your local swimming pool or join an exercise class. Attending a class such as spinning, yoga and circuit training is not a great way to work out, they have a fun atmosphere and might even lead to networking opportunities.


This isn’t just running yourself a bubble bath; self-care can come in loads of different forms. One way to use it to help with career success is by investing time each day to have a break. It’s important to know how to switch off as it’ll mean you work efficiently when you next need to. We recommend turning off your phone, laptop and any other technology you use for an hour before you go to sleep. Using technology before falling asleep effects your body’s internal clock and stops the sleep-inducing hormone working effectively. Instead, relax in bed by reading a book or writing out your tasks for the next day.

Meet up with friends

Three women laughing in a cafe

This tip might come as a surprise, but people who make the time to meet up with friends and family will be more successful in all aspects of their lives. Make sure at least once a week you dedicate some time to socialize. By talking to other people and learning about what they are up to in their careers you may find some must needed inspiration and motivation for your own. A good idea is to combine exercise and socializing together, you can invite friends out on a run or to an exercise class.

Manage your money

Pile of money for budgeting plan

It’s no surprise that the biggest form of stress in many people’s lives is money-related. It’s important to keep track of your outgoings so you can budget each week. The popular saying ‘live within your means’ is a perfect piece of advice to follow. Budget an amount each week and stick to it. Make sure to spend less then you are earning this month and transfer a chunk of money into your savings to avoid temptation. When you are about to purchase an item of clothing, or a different commodity, put it down and wait a few days. If you are still thinking about it after that time, then allow yourself to make the purchase.

Tidy space for a tidy mind

Even when you spend most of your day at work, it’s still necessary to keep your home tidy. When you leave the house and come home in the morning, you want to be able to switch off and relax. Many psychologists believe that a messy environment is a representation of a person’s mental state, so by keeping everything organised and orderly will help reflect positively for your thoughts. The popular show ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Art’ reveals that by tidying you can reset your life. A lot of people also find great therapeutic value from cleaning which will help you be calm at work.

Quick tips for lifestyle changes

  • Set measurable goals for your work
  • Plan each day in advance and cross things off as you go
  • Start incorporating exercise into your routine
  • Eat healthier
  • Switch off your technology before you sleep
  • Take time each day for yourself
  • Make sure to meet up with loved ones each week
  • Manage your money and set weekly budgets
  • Keep your environment tidy