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What a Partnership with LAW Absolute Really Means


You may have noticed over the last year that LAW Absolute has held a range of exciting and topical networking/seminar events in relation to the legal world. Most recently we held our Lawyer of the Future: Part 2 seminar at our innovation hub in which legal professionals from a wide variety of sectors and industries discussed the disruptors, changes and innovators affecting the legal sphere, as well as our annual General Counsel and Company Secretary Networking Event.

These events have been instrumental in establishing and solidifying new and existing relationships with our clients as well as placing LAW Absolute at the forefront of leading discussions in the legal world. A recurring topic running across each of our events has related to the ways in which LAW Absolute is shifting away from simply being a recruitment agency to that of a consultative partner. By holding our events, academically engaging in topical matters and investing in the future of legal, we aim to reinforce how LAW Absolute is a collective of sector and industry specialists who don’t just screen and shortlist CVs but form a partnership with businesses to provide expert legal and recruitment advice.

This is, however, just one side of the partnership. We fully invest in the legal and company secretarial world but it is also imperative that we are able to fully engage with every business we work with to ensure that our market and recruitment knowledge is as personalised, tailored and bespoke as possible. Therefore in order for us to partner with clients we also ask that clients partner with us to establish a professional and mutual working relationship.

So how does a business partner with LAW Absolute? Below we have detailed some of the ways in which a client can ensure they receive the best possible service and advice. We are truly passionate about what we do and hope that the below gives an insight into what a consultative and thoughtful recruitment process really looks like when working with LAW Absolute.


It is imperative for us that we meet with every client we work with, even for a quick coffee- on us! A meeting is an invaluable part of our recruitment process and enables us to gage an understanding of company culture, environment and personalities to ensure the most relevant and best suited candidates are introduced to our clients.


This is by no means a matter of lessening competition! We appreciate that working with other agencies may seem to broaden the chances of attracting a wider variety of candidates but more often than not this can in fact reduce the candidate pool quite considerably and dilute the recruitment process. Working exclusively with an agency you trust not only saves time but concentrates the process to provide quality individuals rather than a constant stream of irrelevant applications. Partnership by definition incites an element of trust and therefore if, for whatever reason, we are unable to fill a position we will be transparent about this. In return we hope that each client we work with trusts our specialists to provide the best quality and relevant candidates on the market.

Job Briefs

We understand that on an initial briefing not all job details and responsibilities are confirmed so as specialists we will make sure to advise on what sort of role, title or salary is best suited for each recruitment need. In return we hope that a clear set of requirements will be outlined from the start to ensure that we can work proactively begin gathering a pool of potential candidates. Not every requirement has a clear solution but as long as both the client and consultant are on the same page at the start it is more likely that we can guarantee to put forward the most relevant individuals.


The relationships we have with our clients are just as important as the relationships we have with our candidates. We hope that by working in partnership with a business that a clear line of communication is established to ensure that we can mutually manage expectations on both the client and candidate side. Feedback regarding candidates is not only important for us as consultants to gage a further understanding of what type of individual fit the requirement but also highlights a client’s commitment to this position, the candidates and to us as an agency.

So what can you expect from LAW Absolute? As above we will provide you with the best quality and committed candidates; we will provide expert industry knowledge and recruitment advice at any point; and we will continue to facilitate thought-provoking discussions surrounding what is happening in the legal world and use this expertise to collaborate and partner with our clients.

We hope that by providing an insight into what we expect from our clients that we can continue to establish transparent, long-lasting and strong relationships with every business we work with, not to mention keeping each client up to date on our drinks and canapes networking events!

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