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Round Table Event 6/6



Today, with their usual passion and verve,  Charlotte Butterfield, (CEO of LAW Absolute) and Sonya Leydecker , (ex CEO of HSF),  hosted number 6 in a series of forums to explore designing the law firm of the future. It’s a subject which is widely debated in the current climate.  

A dozen GCs exchanged views and experience on the importance of their relationship with the law firm or firms they use.  It was generally agreed that the business and commercial world is changing so fast with frequent and regular disruptors that it is imperative for legal private practice to adapt (transform?) and provide fast and agile solutions. Nouns de jour included ‘transformation’ and ‘uberisation’ Hot topics of course included the billable hour, the trusted advisor and technology (the enabler or the product?). Collaboration recurred as a theme and requirement. In-house counsels need their legal providers to collaborate internally in order to project manage the most efficient delivery model. Ie collaboration on both a global scale as well as across multi disciplines.

There was a high level of energy and enthusiasm as the GCs designed the potential law firm for the future with new business structures, non- lawyer project managers and relationship managers working with the (lawyer) technical specialists to provide a dynamic and high value service. The delegates discussed whether changes must also emanate from themselves. Communication of expectations, feedback to law firms and collaboration with them is the way forward.

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