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Round Table Event 6/6

12th October 2018 - LAW Absolute

#imchanging  Today, with their usual passion and verve,  Charlotte Butterfield, (CEO of LAW Absolute) and Sonya Leydecker , (ex CEO of HSF),  hosted number 6 in a series of forums to explore designing…

Round Table Event 4/6

9th October 2018 - LAW Absolute

Friday was the fourth of a series of six thought provoking and stimulating round tables chaired by LA’s CEO, Charlotte Butterfield and former HSF CEO, Sonya Leydecker. Anyone following Charlotte’s innovative…

Round Table Event 3/6

8th October 2018 - LAW Absolute

The third of LAW Absolute’s roundtables concerned the shifting sands of the legal market in the face of significant disruptions arising from the growing incidence and influence of technology. The following is a…