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Being an Interim through LAW Absolute

Information for Temporary Workers

We have plenty of temporary, interim and locum legal jobs available throughout the year, allowing you to work for the most competitive rates on a timescale that suits you.

Browse the currently available interim jobs in our Private Practice section and our In House section

Information for all workers

At the start of your interim legal job, and before we can make payment for your services, we need you to return the following documents:

Signed contract (the complete contract needs to be returned to us)

Completed starter form

Certificate of Incorporation (limited company workers only)

Certificate of VAT registration (limited company workers only, if applicable)

P45/P46 (PAYE workers only, we must receive the original P45 but can accept fax/email versions of the P46)

Each week your timesheet needs to be approved by an authorised representative of the client. If you use a paper timesheet it needs to be approved and received by us by midday Tuesday, by email to or by fax to 020 7092 8001. If you work through a managed vendor with their own online timesheet system there is no need to send us a copy but approval must still happen by midday Tuesday.

If you are paid through a limited company we also need to receive a matching invoice by the same deadline. If you use an umbrella company it is your responsibility to let them know how many hours you have worked in time for them to get an invoice to us.

Provided we have the documents we need, and your timesheet (and invoice, if applicable) have been received by the deadline we will make a BACS payment on Wednesday afternoon which will clear on Friday morning. Please remember that if you use an umbrella company that they will then have their own timetable for making payment to your personal account.

When there is a bank holiday we may need to revise our deadlines. If this happens we will give you as much notice as possible.

Holiday pay (PAYE only)

When you are paid through our own payroll you accrue holiday pay as you work. The rate that you accrue will be specified in your assignment schedule.

When you plan to take holiday you first need to clear it with the person who approves your timesheet and then complete a holiday form and send it to us ( or fax to 020 7092 8001). Provided you have accrued sufficient holiday we will pay out the holiday in the pay run in the week after your holiday; holiday pay is calculated based on your average earnings over the last 12 weeks.

Provided that you have accrued sufficient holiday, bank holidays will automatically be paid out of your holiday accrual unless you tell us otherwise.

We can only pay holiday if you actually take the time off. The one exception is at the end of locum legal job placements where we will pay out any holiday accrual for the current year not yet taken with your final pay run.

Your holiday year starts on the first day of your temporary legal job with LAW Absolute, and holiday cannot be carried forward from one year to another. If you move from one interim assignment to another your holiday year will remain unchanged.


Holiday Request Form


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