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Advice for Overseas Qualified Lawyers and Paralegals

LAW Absolute has an excellent track record of working with top tier overseas qualified lawyers and paralegals, particularly those with language skills, in temporary, contract and permanent capacities.

Some areas of law are perceived to be more transferable than others; for example commercial property experience tends to “travel” better than corporate tax.  Candidates who have qualified in a commonwealth jurisdiction can also find the transition to UK law more straightforward. 

Individuals who are qualified in a jurisdiction outside England and Wales may be eligible to qualify in England and Wales under the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme. We would suggest that those individuals looking to relocate to the UK to work on a permanent basis consider the QLTS as it will provide a local qualification and demonstrate commitment to working in the UK. For more information on the QLTS please visit

While LAW Absolute enthusiastically works with overseas qualified candidates, all candidates are required to have the right to work within the UK before being put forward for a role. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure they are compliant with the requirements of the UK Border Agency.

For more information about acquiring a work visa within the UK please visit the UK Border Agency.


Before you come:

  • Ensure that you will have the right to work within the UK and be able to provide this information to LAW Absolute or potential employers
  • Bring all necessary qualifying documentation for your job search (see LAW Absolute checklist)
  • Contact and secure academic and/or employment referees to cover the past 24 months of work and/or studies. If you can, bring original, hard copies that can be quickly verified.
  • Send your CV to LAW Absolute when you have an arrival date so we can start the registration process and begin searching for roles on your behalf


When you get here:

  • Open a bank account  *Most banks require a proof of address to open an account.
  • Update your CV with your new contact details
  • Secure a mobile or contact number
  • Contact LAW Absolute on 0207 092 8000

For more information, please contact LAW Absolute directly to have an initial conversation and discuss your career goals.