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Zynga call upon Paul Hastings for advice as it sues a former manager

18th October 2012

A US social gaming company has called upon the services of an international law firm after it prepares to sue one of its former managers.

The company called up to deal with the issue is Paul Hastings, a worldwide firm that is one of the biggest purveyors of legal jobs in Europe, Asia and the US. 

In the filing, Zynga have alleged that former head of their Cityville games Alan Patmore copied around 700 files into his DropBox storage account before leaving the company to work for rival Kixeye. It is believed that the files, which are said to have been unlawfully taken by the former employee, contain some of the company’s most valuable and confidential information including 10 unreleased game design documents.

This isn’t the first case in which the gaming giant has filed an investigation into a former employee as the company claimed that a previous member of staff had stolen its Playbook idea before joining another rival company Playdom in 2009. This matter was settled in good time.