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Where will your law qualification take you?

30th June 2014

This guide looks to offer some law career ideasWhile a law degree can take years of hard work and persistence, some can still be left weighing up their options once qualified. From which specialism to go into to what type of work or company could best suit you, the options for where your law qualification could take you are endless. 

This guide looks to offer some law career ideas and advice on how to choose the path that is right for you.

Law specialisms and jobs

There are many different specialisms and law careers to go into once qualified and while some will depend on your experience and attainment, knowing the full extent of choice in UK legal recruitment can offer some inspiration for where your law qualification could take you.

Here are some of the law specialisms that could interest you:

  • Banking

People skills and good organisation are needed in banking, where keeping up to date on the latest laws and regulations is imperative in addition to keeping a good relationship with clients.

  • Commercial

Commercial work is varied with work on various contracts being the core of what such lawyers carry out. Commercial lawyers must be efficient and thorough at drafting and negotiating contracts.

  • Corporate

There are many different areas of law in a corporate lawyer’s working day. They tend to carry out due diligence on deals, drafting and negotiating terms and completing transactions on behalf of clients.

  • Corporate tax

Corporate tax is a particularly wide area where corporate tax lawyers advise on all direct and indirect taxes.

  • Environmental

Environmental work involves the defending of clients from prosecution by the Environmental Agency or the local authority.

  • Intellectual property

Intellectual property, or IP lawyers, work to protect the intellectual investment of their clients.

  • Structured finance

Different to banking, structured finance covers a number of bespoke financial products with such lawyers dealing with complicated transactions from some large financial institutions.

Alongside these specialisms there are number of job roles within each sector that could be of interest. Interim and locum solicitor jobs can see lawyers work on a temporary basis in a number of fields where both private practice and in-house welcome such working lawyers. This can offer a degree of flexibility and see a diverse working life. Alternatively, for those who are not qualified solicitors there is of opportunity for work as a paralegal where private practice paralegal jobs often involve much the same kind of work as a solicitor, without having had the same former educational background.

Work experience

Hopeful lawyers will need as much experience in their chosen field as possibleOnce qualified, hopeful lawyers will need as much experience in their chosen field as possible, so work experience is always a wise option and a great stepping stone onto their law careers of choice. Holiday placements are often available for students to take up during their breaks from education in either summer or winter, offering the perfect opportunity to gain such experience without taking time out of study. Pro bono work is often available through law school and similarly gives a great insight into the world of legal work. Mini-pupillages can last up to a week but can give experience in cases, court visits and client meetings. Shadowing and observation in visits to chambers or firms can also offer vital experience that can not only offer great experience for your CV, but also give insight into what kind of legal work you wish to go into.

How to find a graduate job in law

Finally, once you have decided on the sector and type of law career you are interested in then you can start the search for employment and see where your legal qualification will take you.  While some firms will advertise jobs on their website, legal recruitment agencies will not only have a wider selection of roles available but they will also have experienced staff who will be able to advise on various law careers and firms.

To start on the path to your dream legal career take a look at the LAW Absolute website pages to find out more about where your law qualification could take you.

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