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What Scottish independence means for law

15th September 2014

Law firms are preparing for the vote on Scottish independenceAhead of the vote on Scottish Independence, which is due to take place on Thursday 18th September, one law firm has moved its money to England in fears over a run on banks should the vote split the nations. While just one firm has made the move as yet, the pressure is being felt by law firms across Scotland. 

It is not just the permanent in-house legal jobs of John Lewis and Asda that are due to be affected by the vote, with both companies having released a statement that their prices are likely to rise should a ‘yes’ vote on independence win out. Legal jobs across the board are expected to feel the pressure; we reported in this previous article that there would be an increase in legal fees should Scotland become independent.

With the latest reports suggesting a close finish for the voters’ decision, it was reported in this article that a Scottish firm has made the decision to move its money to England, a move prompted by the outcome of the 1993 Czechoslovakia split when the government put a block on money transfers between the two countries.

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