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Visa in-house legal shake up with GC hire

15th April 2014

Visa has announced the successor of their top in-house legal positionMajor financial services corporation Visa has announced its new general counsel in the form of PepsiCo senior vice president and deputy GC Kelly Tullier. Visa’s new GC is due to start in her role of deputy GC and executive vice president on the 16th June moving into a full GC position in October late this year. 

The move will see Visa role out succession plans for its top in-house legal job as Tullier looks to take over their leading legal position, which is currently occupied by chief risk officer Ellen Richey. Tullier comes with experience of managing global legal teams at PepsiCo as well as teams responsible for work over a range of areas, including M&A, IP, regulatory, litigation, environmental and procurement work according to this article.

Tullier’s experience also extends to being responsible for legal matters across 70 countries, acting as GC for PepsiCo’s Asia, Middle East & Africa operations. Visa CEO Charlie Scharf expressed his joy over their new GC saying, “We are thrilled to have Kelly join the Visa team”.

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