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UK Uncut to challenge Goldman Sachs tax deal

14th June 2012

The High Court will allow the campaign group UK Uncut to challenge an alleged tax deal struck between HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and banking giants Goldman Sachs.

According to the protest organisation, the investment and securities group was unfairly allowed to avoid paying around £10m in back taxes after it had argued against the necessity of contributing to national insurance when issuing its UK staff with bonuses.

UK Uncut is to be represented by the department head of a London-based organisation that was originally set up as a personal injury firm but now has solicitors with some of the top employment and human rights lawyer jobs in the country.

Hearing the case, Mr Justice Simon agreed that it is of sufficient public interest to justify a thorough judicial review, despite representatives from HMRC claiming that such an action could potentially breach taxpayer confidentiality.

The tax authorities have until the 14th September to respond to UK Uncut’s allegations.