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UK Government Consider Employment Tribunal Overhaul

6th March 2012

It’s been reported, early this week, that the government may well be considering a major overhaul of the Employment tribunal system.

The overhaul would be targeted at reducing the strain the current system puts on public finance by re-introducing a fee for some services that are currently free. The fee would be offset for successful cases, being paid for anyone who wins a case against their employer.

There are worries that this type of system would lead to what’s being branded as 'Chequebook justice,' with the TUC in particular objecting to the possible changes. Brendan Barber, the TUC general secretary, commented saying that the plans “ought to concern everyone who cares about justice, fairness and equality."

The new regulations will most likely mean a shift in work load for those in London legal jobs and the UK legal system as a whole.