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The Staircase: your newest crime documentary obsession

20th June 2018


Calling all fans of Making a Murderer, Evil Genius and Wild Wild Country – The Staircase just landed on Netflix and it’s guaranteed to be your next crime documentary obsession.

The case is enticingly simple, yet highly intricate: crime author Michael Peterson has been accused of killing his wife Kathleen after her body was found at the bottom of the staircase in their North Carolina home in December 2001. He claims she fell down the stairs and died, but the evidence doesn’t add up.

The documentary follows Peterson, his family and his defence team through the many years since the tragedy occurred, and is sure to tap into your inner detective and have you searching for jobs for lawyers as the story unravels.

From examining the blood splatters to dissecting Peterson’s personal life and potential motive, you can expect a great deal of twists in this 13-part series. Seriously, you may as well cancel your weekend plans now because the documentary is said to super binge-worthy and addictive.

The documentary was first released in 2004, with the addition of three new episodes having been released just this year. Since its re-release and rapid growth in popularity, Rotten Tomatoes viewers have given it a solid 88%, with critics giving it a whopping 91%.

Even after finishing the documentary the curiosity doesn’t stop there, as there are still many theories surrounding the case. If you love nitty gritty forensics and complex cases, this is the documentary for you.

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