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The signs that you have become a Londoner

30th November 2016

The signs that you have become a Londoner

If you are starting a new legal job in London and are moving to the capital you will soon realise it isn’t all drinking cocktails on rooftop bars.

Instead you will become a pro at walking really fast in heels with your hands full and getting annoyed at people standing on both sides of the escalator. Here we take you through some signs that you are now officially a Londoner.

You are a pro walker

Pro walker

Londoners working in the city will become pro walkers.

You will be able to walk in high heels (or formal shoes for men), whilst texting, eating a sandwich, holding an umbrella and instagramming.

You will do all of this while not dropping anything or accidentally bumping into anyone.

You get mad at people on the escalator


An article on Time Out highlights that you are a true Londoner when you become furious when you get an escalator in another city and everyone stands on both sides.

You will also experience this living in London, as sometimes confused holidaymakers will not know the rules of standing on one side of the escalator and leaving the other side free so workers like yourself can quickly walk or run up or down it.

A fiver is no longer extortionate for a pint

Drinking in the week

If you have just won a big case and are out celebrating with colleagues after work or are going out for a midweek drink, paying a fiver for a pint shouldn’t come as a surprise and is pretty much standard across most of the capital.

The Londonist says, “The real Londoner doesn't make a fuss about this. The real Londoner suppresses a wince and vows to switch to drinking bitter.”

You use London Grumblr

If you are glued to London Grumblr, then you are a real Londoner.

London Grumblr allows you to submit your Grumbles about how your feeling, what the weather is like or anything that is annoying you.

You know that by posting a Grumble, you will be understood by every other Londoner out there.

Drinking is acceptable at all times

Real Londoners know that school nights no longer exist.

You’ll find yourself in a pub drinking bitter or a cocktail on a Monday or Tuesday night without a care in the world.

Colleagues may ask if you fancy a quick drink after work, or your friends may want to meet for a catch-up, but you know this will probably end up spending a few hours at your nearest Sam Smiths pub.

Travelling home is like the Lord of the Rings journey

If you are travelling back home to see your family for Christmas, Easter or any other time of the year, Londoners know that it is like getting to Mordor in the Lord of the Rings.

Walking, tubes, trains, buses and taxis can easily make-up your journey if you are heading anywhere outside of the M25.

People think you just drink cocktails on rooftop bars


Those that live outside London think that your life revolves around cocktails, rooftop bars and shopping in Oxford Street.

However, lawyer jobs in the city can mean working really late, especially if you are in the middle of a big legal case and the deadline is looming.

After a hectic and long day at the office there is nothing you want to do more than turning Netflix on and watching the likes of Breaking Bad or Suits.

The drinking cocktails and rooftop bars bit is after your firm has won the case you’ve been working on.

You know the tube lines off by heart

London underground

True Londoners know the different tube lines off by heart and no longer need to listen to the tannoy system telling you which station you have arrived at.

You will still have the Tube Map app on your phone, but only use it if the line you need is closed due to maintenance work.

You’re still gobsmacked by London’s views

London’s views

Even if you have been living in London for years, you will still smile at some of London’s most iconic views.

The view as you walk across the Thames after a few drinks or the view of the Houses of Parliament to name just a few will always make you realise what an amazing city you live in.

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