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The legal issues of Sochi

27th February 2014

With the end of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, many will be breathing a sigh of relief as everything appears to have run smoothly. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s promise of a “spectacular event” without any trouble would seem to have been kept, but what do the lawyers who worked on the games have to say? 

Despite the games appearing to go off without much in the way of hitches, legal work was created for NBC’s in-house team over its $775 million pay-out for US broadcasting rights, whilst there have also been legal issues around allegations of corruption surrounding the building of the Olympic Park. An excess of legal work is expected to continue for lawyers in Russia as thoughts turn towards the 2018 FIFA World Cup which will be held in the country.

The lawyers with in-house legal roles at the National Broadcasting Company had their work cut out for them at the games, as the company won the exclusive rights for broadcasting the event to the US. Chief in-house lawyer for NBC’s Olympic unit, Brett Goodman, who works as NBC Sport Group’s vice president of legal, chose Dewey & Le Boeuf’s former Moscow team - known as the ‘Le Boeuf’ group - for legal advice, according to this article.