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The laws of voting

8th May 2015


The years of women fighting to have the law changed so that they have the right to vote are thankfully behind us, but in this day and age there are still many laws surrounding voting and it is an area that is looking seemingly more grey as the dawn of selfies and smartphones are upon us.

As millions turned out to vote on the 7th May, it would seem as though you might need a legal career in order to feel confident that you are not breaching the law when voting. The electoral law is very clear on releasing information obtained in a polling station; doing so comes with a fine of £5,000 or a prison sentence up to six months. So while there are no specific rules making it illegal to take a selfie in the polling station, it has been advised against in order to prevent breaching such laws.

It is also a criminal offence, in line with the People’s Act, to communicate information about another person’s voting position, including Tweeting, while it is not illegal to vote whilst drunk, though again it is discouraged.

While we wait for the final results to come in, why not take a read of these other unbelievable laws?

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