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The briefcase to match the lawyer

27th March 2015

A lawyer’s briefcase has become a symbol of both the profession itself and the professionalism it represents, but over the years its form and function has evolved and transformed, dividing the sector.

A more casual satchel or the traditional briefcase? Both are now accepted in the courtroom, adorned by various lawyers and their respective specialisms, but can you match the lawyer to the briefcase?

The NQ Lawyer

Starting out in a newly qualified lawyer job is a daunting time; you want to make an impression whilst upholding the very utmost of professionalism. Starting out, it is recommended that you invest in a high-quality leather briefcase that illustrates to your clients that you take your work seriously whilst ensuring you have a work bag that will stand the test of time.

Buying your first briefcase is a lot like buying your first suit, you want something timeless that will only gain in style as it gains in age. Ruitertassen is the experienced briefcase manufacturer who understands the importance of making such a professional and timeless accessory. Here they provide their briefcase recommendation for lawyers.

“The reason our leather bags are a wonderful assets for lawyers:

First, the need to carry things around is never ending. From the first day they step into the law office, to their last day appearing in court. That’s why our work bags are not only durable, but also age beautifully thanks to our full-grain Belgian leather. Every manufacturer will say their leather is the best or very nice. But ours happens to be really special. It is 100% vegetable tanned, meaning it spends 3 whole weeks in tanning drums in Belgium, which is nowadays a rare process. The colours are obtained naturally (not spray painted), the leather is chrome free and only get better with age.

The second important aspect is the quality of the materials, craftsmanship authenticity and the design that should be both classic and timeless. All our bags are timeless in design, not seasonal, which is important for this particular profession.

In this selection we have black leather briefcases that are very classic but charismatic. It is a firm leather, very roomy bags and suitable for black outfits.

We also introduced cognac coloured bags that are high end bags with leather outside and leather inside. Supple leather, warm colours and a different but timeless design as well. They are more expansive but a good way to put it is: Buy the best, cry once.

It’s worth it to invest in a high-quality briefcase early in their career, because that one briefcase can last their entire legal career. And a Ruitertassen work bag is a perfect fit for that kind of career.”

The City Lawyer

As a City in-house lawyer it is likely that your time will be divided between the office, the courtroom and your bike; as such, the traditional briefcase may not be the most appropriate choice. Henry Tomkins of Henry Tomkins Leather is constantly surprised by the kinds of bags lawyers request of him where, rather than the traditional briefcase, many are turning to more contemporary styles that are more practical for a contemporary City lifestyle.

One such product is the Henry Tomkins Leather Large Bookbag. This particular product has been so popular in the sector that one firm ordered them as the uniform bag for its lawyers. Perfect for laptops as well as numerous files, this leather backpack also sits well on the body, making cycling all the more comfortable.

Another item, next to the Tomkins essential briefcase, that proves popular among the legal profession is perhaps surprisingly his Shopper range. Still made from the durable leather that shouts professionalism and sophistication, these bags are increasingly popular with the modern woman lawyer. Large enough to carry any digital devices and paperwork necessary, they still have a degree of femininity and casual style so that lawyers can easily take them from the boardroom to the bar.

The travelling lawyer

Travelling is often part and parcel with the legal profession and, as such, a work bag that can easily double up as an overnight bag is a popular choice with the travelling lawyer. Chapman Bags, originally a manufacturer of fishing and shooting bags, has come a long way, now producing bags that work for the contemporary lawyer lifestyle among other professions.

The Chapman Huntsman is one such bag that doubles up as both a business and travel bag. Based on the traditional hunting bag, it has room for a change of clothes in addition to a laptop and papers and is favoured by academics and accountants, as well as lawyers.

The contemporary lawyer

In this contemporary age, gone are the days where a briefcase is necessary for organising and transporting files. Instead the digital age has taken over and laptop bags have become increasingly popular among professionals.

The Chapman Laptop Briefcase is perfect for the contemporary lawyer whose files are no longer stored in a cabinet but rather in The Cloud. If your specialism involves copious amounts of writing and organising a high-volume of documents, it may not be appropriate to rely on a tablet and paperwork, meaning that a laptop is needed. The Laptop Briefcase comfortably fits and protects a 15’’ screen laptop whilst keeping a professional and classic look.

Similarly, the Chapman Folio is perfect for lawyers who need to carry a variety of devices, with enough storage and compartments for tablets, laptops and power cables amongst other necessities.

Whatever your personal preference, the briefcase still stands as a symbol of the profession and for that reason this evolution has been one that has stayed in keeping with traditional style and professionalism. 

Image Credits: Ruitertassen Work Bags, Henry Tomkins Leather, Chapman Bags