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Study finds two-thirds of solicitors would move in-house

3rd April 2012

A survey carried out by a leading lawyer’s magazine has revealed that around two-thirds of solicitors currently working for private practices would seriously consider moving in-house. And, whilst this raw data alone is illuminating, perhaps most interesting are the types of solicitors who would be willing to make the switch.

The results suggest that more than half of lawyers at partnership level wouldn’t rule out going in-house, with roughly the same proportion of solicitors who have been in their post for over four years feeling the same way.

This news follows several high-profile transfers in recent years, as two senior partners at leading firms took on jobs with Royal Dutch Shell and the Bank of England.

With top legal recruitment agencies now also specialising in quality in-house positions, as well as more traditional private practice roles, the general consensus within the sector is that working exclusively for one company would now be a more rewarding career choice than ever before.