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Square to appoint international legal panel

26th June 2012

Square, a major technology company based in the US west coast, has announced proposals to build a European legal panel as part of plans to significantly expand operations outside of its home country.

The company, which specialises in producing payment facilitating technologies for users of smart phones, has been enjoying increased success recently, leading officials from the group to decide that it is necessary to look into creating a dedicated legal team for its international affairs.

The forthcoming legal recruitment drive was confirmed by antitrust expert Dana Wagner, a former Google representative who is currently Square’s senior lawyer.

It is yet to be decided whether Square will opt to employ the use of just one or a varied roster of firms to deal with its European actions, but this is expected to be settled shortly.

In the last twelve months, the company has grown from employing around 100 to over 300 staff, and now processes roughly $5bn of smart phone payments every year.