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Social mobility scheme for new barristers launched

12th March 2012

A new scheme has been launched by the Inner Temple which is intended to give work experience to student lawyers from underprivileged backgrounds.

Known as the Pegasus Access Scheme (PAS), students benefiting from the initiative will need to have been educated in the state sector and received free school meals, as well as being the first member of their family to attend university. The successful candidates will also be required to achieve a grade of at least 2:1 in their undergraduate degree and be able to prove that they have the necessary self-motivational skills to get ahead in the legal profession. 43 chambers have so far signed up to the scheme, including four members that are described as being in the UK’s top ten.

With barrister and solicitor jobs in London so sought after by ambitious people from all backgrounds, programmes such as PAS are praised for giving a welcome hand to potential lawyers who did not have the advantage of an affluent upbringing.