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Sky News hacking investigated by Ofcom

24th April 2012

The media regulator Ofcom will lead the investigation into an admission by Sky News that they hacked into the private e-mails of a man who faked his own death.

The broadcaster conceded earlier this month that one of its reporters, Gerard Tubb, had unlawfully accessed the account of John Darwin – who was believed to have drowned in a canoe accident – as well as his wife Anne and another woman involved in a separate story, but claimed their actions were justified because they were in the public interest.

A spokeswoman from Sky News has said that the Crown Prosecution Service, too, has acknowledged that there are occasions on which offences can be deemed excusable in the name of responsible journalism; Ofcom’s official guidelines state that any such infringement must be wholly warranted.

Those with solicitor jobs who will be in charge of the process include the organisation’s general counsel, Polly Weitzman, and other members of its in-house legal team.