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Six UK legal firms could join FTSE100

27th February 2012

Research by London-based investment bank Europa Partners has revealed that six of the UK’s ten biggest law firms would be able to join the coveted FTSE100 index if they made the decision to float on the stock exchange.

The corporate advisory firm has pointed to average value-per-equity figures of £6.8 million for the four largest practices, which would easily ensure they could take advantage of a new programme allowing them to become listed – an initiative commonly being referred to as ‘Tesco law’. It is estimated that the largest UK firm is now worth £2.6 billion overall.

This announcement is a further indication of the sea changes which the large scale deregulation of the sector is expected to bring about. It is an exciting time for solicitors working in or looking to enter London legal jobs, with the prospect of such significant domestic and international expansion potentially leading to greatly increased recruitment drives within the industry.