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Singapore prepares to welcome more UK firms

30th May 2012

The Singapore government has announced that it is prepared for more foreign law firms to create bases within the city-state, as plans to award Qualifying Foreign Law Practice (QFLP) licences were unveiled.

With applications to be considered from 1st July onwards, a number of high-profile London-headquartered firms have said that they may be interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity.

In recent years, Singapore has signalled its intention to become one of Asia’s most important and accessible legal centres, with six practices already given QFLP licences in 2008.

The Singaporean Ministry of Law is expected to reveal which firms have been successful with their applications by the end of this year.

With a number of potential legal recruitment drives within the UK being created by this recent announcement, the news is sure to be welcomed by newly qualified and experienced solicitors across the country looking for their first post or a change of career direction.