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Senior partner advises as MacKenzie seeks police apology

27th September 2012

A senior partner holding one of the more senior solicitor jobs in London has been instructed by Kelvin MacKenzie to advise him as the former editor of The Sun seeks to force an apology from the South Yorkshire Police Force.

The notorious journalist was behind an infamous article which was published in the wake of the Hillsborough football disaster of 1989, in which 96 Liverpool fans died. The piece, which sparked widespread outrage, was entitled ‘The Truth’ and effectively blamed the club’s supporters for the tragedy.

Now, however, MacKenzie is claiming that the police who supposedly provided him with the bogus information which informed the article should accept the blame for the scorn that he has faced ever since, which also resulted in Liverpool newspaper buyers boycotting The Sun.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said that they were confident of successfully defending any legal action, as the report they gave to MacKenzie was no different to that which had been handed to other newspapers, whilst only The Sun chose to put such a provocative slant on the story.