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Ruling on life sentences revealed

18th February 2014

A ruling that life prison sentences are legal and not in breach of a person’s human rights has been made at a court of appeal hearing in London. 

The ruling was determined by a panel of five judges led by Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas following a successful plea to the European Court of Human Rights by murderers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas Vinter and Peter Moore last year.

The verdict from the judges’ ruling to continue whole life sentences for the worst offences will greatly impact on UK lawyer jobs across the legal sector, potentially necessitating that whole-life sentences be reviewed after a 25 year period. This assessment of sentence terms comes after the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights based in Strasbourg stated that whole-lifers should be entitled to a review of their sentence after serving 25 years at the most, according to this report from the Guardian.

As a result of this high-profile ruling, the sentencing in a number of prominent criminal cases have been put on hold, including that of soldier Lee Rigby’s murderers.