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Rolls-Royce appoint new general counsel

20th February 2012

British automotive and aerospace giant Rolls-Royce has announced that former BA general counsel Robert Webb QC is to take over as legal chief at the company.

This appointment is particularly significant because it marks the start of what should be a landmark year in Rolls-Royce’s legal history. In what is expected to be one of 2012’s most talked-about cases, the historic corporation will take on no less than 13 insurance companies at the High Court in a settlement dispute over their faulty ‘Mermaid Pods’ propulsion system. The manufacturers reimbursed dissatisfied cruise liner and oil rig companies out of court, but the insurance outfits involved claimed they should have been consulted beforehand and are refusing to underwrite any payments.

The personnel change may come as something of a surprise for those involved in legal recruitment and the wider sector, as the departure of Tim Rayner – Webb’s predecessor - was largely unexpected, and his next position is currently unknown.