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Rihanna lawyers leave hefty bill

11th February 2015

Retail chain Topshop is facing a hefty legal bill after pop star Rihanna’s lawyers won a case banning the clothing chain from selling an item of clothing depicting the star’s face.

The item in question was a t-shirt featuring an image taken from a music video without the singer’s permission and has now left Topshop with a huge bill in both their own legal costs and that of the singer, costing £350k and £919k respectively.

Those who hold the high-profile lawyer jobs in question are unlikely to have seen such a huge sum charged before, with the judge calling the £1.5m total ‘startling’, as reported in this article.

Topshop’s parent company the Arcadia Group lost the appeal in the July 2013 High Court ruling, which we reported on here. The news comes as Taylor Swift’s lawyers announce they are cracking down on the number of unauthorised products depicting the star on the online marketplace website Etsy, further focusing on breached intellectual property and copyright laws.

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