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Report slams MoJ plan to increase court fees

23rd January 2014

An internal government review by the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) has found the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) assessment of ‘enhanced court fees’ to be ‘not fit for purpose’. The assessment was published last month and has been met with opposition, as the committee argued that it lacked clarity. 

In a move that could impact on lawyers across the sector, from those with legal company secretary jobs to judges, as well as the public, the MoJ’s assessment was set to raise the costs of civil claims - including the cost of obtaining a divorce - to a level that would see Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service receive an extra £190 million a year. This has resulted in the RPC filing a rare ‘red report’, as detailed in this article from The Guardian.

A ‘red report’ normally results in a department amending its plans and is usually withdrawn once this has been completed. The impact assessment by the MoJ was said to have not sufficiently outlined how the new proposals would generate increased income and even whether the changes would result in a surplus.