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Public still back solicitors to manage their wills

7th November 2016

Solicitors still the best way to arrange wills

In a new study it has been revealed that the public still prefer to use a solicitor to draft up and manage their wills.

Although a ‘do it yourself’ approach has recently evolved, a survey by Will Aid revealed the public feel that those working in solicitor and lawyer jobs were still the best people to approach when they are looking to make a will and are the best option to ensure that wishes written into wills are met.

The Will Aid survey found that 62 per cent of its respondents prefer to use a solicitor to manage their will.

The research also found that 62 per cent of those who made a will in the previous year used a solicitor, whilst 12 per cent hired a will-writer. A small minority (9 per cent) made a homemade will and the other respondents used do-it-yourself kits, banks or other high-street services to make a will.

A solicitor is the best option

Will Aid, which works with law firms across the country pledge a portion of their time to write basic wills and waive their usual fees in exchange for a voluntary donation to charity, said that they are looking to continue to promote the profession over the ‘do it yourself’ approach.

Speaking to the Law Society Gazette, Peter de Vena Franks, the campaign director for Will Aid, said, “Drawing up a will is a vital financial planning step but the lure of the cheaper alternatives to solicitors can mean the document is not properly written nor legally binding.

“While an off-the-shelf will might seem attractive to those who are watching the pennies, it could be money wasted rather than saved.”

Another reason why using a solicitor is the best option is the fact that the rules and regulations governing will-writers mean they can practise without the need for proper training, insurance or regulation.

Image Credit: William Potter (shutterstock)