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Prospect of Supreme Court battle in Stringfellows dancer case

2nd July 2012

A long-running dispute between a dancer and London’s Stringfellows nightclub could go all the way to the Supreme Court after the claimant’s representative predicted that neither side would back down.

The solicitor in question, who holds one of the senior lawyer jobs in a leading human rights firm, has also stated that he believes the case is potentially so significant that its result could set a precedent for future employment trials.

The battle between Nadine Quashie and proprietor Peter Stringfellow has been raging since the dancer lodged an unfair dismissal complaint after being told she was no longer needed in the club she worked for.

In its defence, Stringfellows argued that because Quashie only received direct payments from her clients, she was not technically a company employee. An Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling disagreed, however, and this decision is now to be contested in the Court of Appeal, with further proceedings a distinct possibility.