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Phone-hacking firms given ultimatum

19th March 2012

The legal firms representing claimants in the News International phone-hacking scandal have been given an ultimatum by the High Court judge in charge of the cases.

Following reports that the settled actions have already cost somewhere in the region of £10 million, Mr Justice Vos warned that the practices involved must start working more efficiently or may lose their clients to a group litigation order (GLO).

First proposed almost a year ago, the move would mean that just one firm could be tasked with representing all claimants, which should result in a reduction of avoidable costs. There is concern, however, that it would also lead to a conflict between some practices and dissatisfaction for clients who would expect to be allowed to use their usual solicitor.

Legal recruitment agencies in London and those in the wider sector will be keeping a close eye on the developments, as any decisions reached could have a significant bearing on future commercial litigation cases.