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Parody copyright laws to take effect

30th September 2014

Parody copyright laws are to come into force this weekLaws which are to come into force this week will see a huge change to copyright rules and regulations in which individuals will be able to legally parody copyright works, where previously those who created such parodies were at risk of being sued for a breach of copyright. 

The changes to UK legislation, which are to take effect on the 1st October, are expected to be noted by all in in-house legal counsel jobs and across the profession as owners of copyrighted works will only be permitted to start lawsuit proceedings should the parody work put across a discriminatory message.

One of the main causes for concern over this new ruling is that any parody that is to be taken to court after this date will be down to a judge to decide whether the material is funny or discriminatory. The EU rules state, as reported by the BBC, "The only, and essential, characteristics of parody are, on the one hand, to evoke an existing work while being noticeably different from it and, on the other, to constitute an expression of humour or mockery."

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