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News International moves on with new general counsel

9th May 2012

The troubled media organisation News International has appointed a new general counsel to head up its legal department as it tries to move on from a calamitous year.

Paul Chinnery, who was previously senior legal counsel at online payment processing giant WorldPay, has been tasked with rebuilding the company’s damaged reputation after it was revealed to have been complicit in phone hacking over the course of several years at its News of the World newspaper.

The former Director of Legal and Commercial Affairs at Channel Five takes over from Simon Toms, who came in as an interim general counsel after news regarding the extent of the scandal broke in 2011.

With the actions of former general counsel Jonathan Chapman and legal manager Tom Crone being strongly criticised by a House of Commons select committee just earlier this week, Chinnery has surely taken on what is currently one of the most challenging solicitor jobs in the country.