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News Corporation phone-hacking action goes to US

13th April 2012

Mark Lewis, the lawyer who represented Gordon Taylor and the family of Milly Dowler in their recent News International settlements, has announced that he is preparing to launch legal action against parent company News Corporation in the United States on behalf of three clients.

Until now, cases surrounding the phone-hacking scandal have only been pursued in the UK, but Mr Lewis has pointed out that the practice was not restricted to only this country, and that there is a potentially long list of people who were either visitors to or residents of the US when their privacy was breached by the News of the World newspaper.

Lewis, who holds one of the top lawyer jobs at a leading London-based solicitors firm, said that two of the victims he was now representing were sportspeople, and one was a US citizen. He did add, however, that none of the people were significantly in the public eye.