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New legal starter’s toolkit

15th August 2016

Legal starter's toolkit

As a new employee, first impressions matter. Therefore it is important to not only act the part, but to look the part as well.

Whether someone has just graduated and is starting a new lawyer job or has decided to move to a different law firm, there are a number of items you can buy to help you at the beginning. 

Here we have created a guide to some items new employees or graduates should consider buying before starting a new job.

A new suit

New suit from King & Allen

Appearances in court and meetings with clients mean that it is important for lawyers and other legal workers to look the part and wear a suit. This is especially the case when it comes to new starters as you don’t want to look underdressed on your first day.

Bespoke tailors King & Allen specialise in creating business suits that are cut to fit and flatter the body, leaving you confident that you are always perfectly dressed.

The style of any suit is obviously up to you, which is why King & Allen is the ideal place to get your first suit. You can create your perfect suit from the cloth, to the lining, to the buttons, as the tailors have over 2,000 Savile Row cloths to choose from, including pinstripes, herringbones and birdseyes.

Dresses and jackets

There are lots of options for women when it comes to workwear as well. There are masses of tailored suits available and popular suit colours are generally navy, dark charcoal or black.

If you would prefer not to wear a suit, then female lawyers should consider buying a new, smart dress ahead of their first day.

House of Fraser is a great place to look if you want to buy a jacket and skirt, as the high-street retailer has a range of stylish jacket and skirt combinations.

The Hobbs Cara Jacket from House of Fraser boasts a deep navy shade and can be worn at work or outside of work with jeans. The jacket costs £189, and if you want a full new outfit, then there is also a coordinating dress, skirt and trousers available.

Hobbs Cara Jacket

If you are looking to buy a new outfit that is slightly more colourful, then the red Ted Baker Deliha Tailored Jacket is a great option. The jacket, which costs £219, boasts a single button fastening, two front pockets and long sleeves. Matching trousers are available for £129 and a trench coat for £239 if are looking for a fully matching outfit.

Ted Baker jacket

New legal books

If you are a recent graduate then it is worth buying a law book that you can refer to if you are unsure of something.

Criminal Justice: A Beginner’s Guide, which is available on the Waterside Press website, covers the entire criminal justice system and is described as “a no frills explanation for beginners”. The book is ideal for first-year students and its range of facts, explanations and pointers to further study make it a must-have resource long after graduation.

Criminal justice book

Another great book from Waterside Press is The Little Book of Prison. This easy-to-read prison survival guide shares a number of funny dos and don’ts. It gives a fascinating insight into life behind bars and is packed with humour as it shares some comical stories from author Frankie Owens’ spell in prison. This book can be used by lawyers when meeting clients who are facing a trial that may lead to imprisonment as it shares tips for the individual themselves, their families and friends.

The Little Book of Prison

Water bottle

It is important to keep hydrated whilst at work and therefore another great item to buy before starting a new job is the water bobble water bottle.

This stylish and very smart reusable water bottle filters the water as you drink it. When the water passes through the water bobble’s carbon filter it removes chlorine from ordinary tap water.

Each replaceable bobble filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles, so after one year you have essentially removed thousands of plastic bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap.

Water bobble have a number of other water bottles on offer, such as the bobble sport. The bobble sport water bottle is a great option if you cycle or run to work.

Water bottle

A briefcase

The briefcase is a symbol of professionalism and is synonymous with lawyers.

If you are starting a new job, then we recommend you buy a high-quality leather briefcase that will show your clients that you take your work seriously and will also last you a lifetime.

From the first day you step into the office until your last day in court, lawyers always need to carry files around and the leather briefcase is therefore an essential item to buy.

Read the briefcase to match the lawyer article we wrote to see what type of briefcase best suits you.


A pen and notepad

One of the most essential items of a lawyer’s armoury is a pen and notepad.

Whether a legal secretary or a solicitor, legal workers are forever making notes so it is therefore wise to buy a new pen and notepad before your first day.

Cultpens stock a range of ballpoint, rollerball and hybrid ink pens, and Aspinal of London have a range of notepads so that your colleagues will certainly see the notes you leave them!

Image Credit: King & Allen, House of Fraser, Waterside Press, Water Bobble, sheff.