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New head of legal for NSPCC charity announced

10th September 2012

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), one of Britain’s most prominent charitable organisations, has announced that it has hired Alexis Burnetts as the permanent head of its legal department.

Burnetts is taking on what is regarded as one of the most important and challenging of lawyer jobs in the UK’s not-for-profit landscape and will be working with a dedicated team of in-house solicitors to ensure that the group’s high standards in this aspect of their running are maintained.

Having previously represented the National Childminding Association in a senior role, Burnetts is seen as the perfect replacement for her predecessor, Catherine Dixon, who earlier this year left her post as chief of legal affairs at the NSPCC to take up the position of chief executive of the NHS Litigation Authority.

Burnetts will not be coming into her new job with any lack of knowledge, as she will simply be continuing to perform the same duties she has been since taking over Dixon’s role on a temporary basis after she moved on in April.