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Need legal staff? A guide to the recruitment agency search process

24th September 2014

A guide to the legal recruitment agency search processFinding a suitable employee for a role with a specific and niche skill set can be a difficult task. However, with the help of a specialised recruitment agency, this process can be virtually stress free. If you’re looking to hire for a position and would like to find an alternative to an independent search, see our guide to the legal recruitment agency search process and discover how LAW Absolute can help you and your business find a successful candidate for both permanent and locum legal job roles

LAW Absolute are devoted to helping legal clients find the ideal candidate for the required position, and with their experience and knowledge, the process of recruitment search has become streamlined and efficient, while still providing a trustworthy and reliable service.

Step 1: Role analysis

In order to successfully collaborate with a client, the process begins with an in-depth discussion to fully grasp what job qualities the role requires and what the client would like to achieve. By finding out as much information as possible about the vacancy, the better the understanding we will have about the role, meaning a more insightful brief for the potential candidates.

Step 2: Job description

This information will form the basis of the job description and help to firm up dates as to when the applications and interviews will need to be completed by. Remuneration and employee benefits will also be discussed, and we provide an insight into salary market trends on our website, which may also be discussed when creating the job description. It is also valuable to give an overview of the company in order to find the right personalities for your team. Firming up the description is one of the most important parts of the process, as it will provide the basis for finding the most relevant candidates for you.

The brief will describe what is expected of the candidateStep 3: Brief approval

Following the completion of the brief, it will then be sent to you for final approval. The document will describe in full what is expected of the candidate, as well as outline any necessary qualifications or experience, which must be able to be demonstrated for a successful application. This ensures that both us as an agency, and yourself as the client, are working towards the exact same goals.

Step 4: Research phase

Once the brief has been approved and the criteria of the client defined, the search process can fully begin. We will target a list of candidates who are currently searching, as well as those that may not be actively seeking a new role, which means the scope for finding a range of skilled applicants is much greater. If you haven’t considered recruitment advertising, this can be an added help when searching. As LAW Absolute only works with quality lawyers when filling lawyer jobs, you can be sure the list of candidates you will be provided with will all be of a potential benefit to your company.

Applicants meeting the criteria for the job will then be asked to go to an interviewStep 5: Selection

Applicants that meet the specific criteria of needs will be invited for a face-to-face competency interview. The framework for this will be put together by our experienced consultants and will focus on the brief approved by the client prior to the interview. LAW Absolute also has a range of assessment tools to test certain abilities, which can be used during the interviews if required.

Step 6: Shortlist stage

The performance of the applicants will then be critically examined by LAW Absolute’s experience consultants to create a shortlist of appropriate candidates who proved to be compatible for the role. This will then be followed by a vetting procedure, ensuring that the applicants are eligible to work in the UK, as well as verifying professional qualifications the applicant claims to have obtained. A detailed assessment of the interviewees will then be passed on to you, so you can begin selecting for internal second interviews.

Step 7: Placement management

When you have reached a decision as to who you wish to employ, LAW Absolute will be on hand to offer support during the negotiations with the successful candidate, as well as the resignation process. Constructive feedback will also be given to the unsuccessful candidates in order for them to view the process as a productive experience.

As a leading law recruitment agency for London, all assignments will be managed with the utmost professionalism in order to achieve the correct specifications of your requirements. This efficient way of recruiting will provide a tailored solution to your staffing needs and will give peace of mind throughout an important decision-making exercise for your company.

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