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Nationwide set for legal panel review

22nd October 2012

One of the UK’s leading building societies, Nationwide, will be launching a comprehensive review of their legal panel in the new year, which will give firms the chance to compete for five spots on their advisory roster.

This is the first time Nationwide have felt it necessary to review their legal set-up since introducing their first panel around three years ago; this is no doubt partly due to the fact that the private practices they initially employed successfully helped to guide the organisation through the banking crisis with only a minimal amount of damage sustained.

Liz Kelly, Nationwide’s general counsel, will be leading the review. Since being appointed to her role in 2007, she has led the expansion of the group’s in-house department, which has included measures such as setting up a training scheme for new solicitors joining the business.

With lawyer jobs representing successful national organisations ranking amongst the most popular in the country, there is expected to be an enthusiastic response to the news of this review across the sector.