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National Grid reviews legal advisors

31st January 2014

Multinational electricity and gas utility company the National Grid is set to review its current panel of legal advisors with an assessment of their existing 16-firm panel with regard to value for money and performance. 

The ‘closed’ review is expected to be carried out over the coming few weeks, with the possibility of firms being dropped as legal advisors when their three-year term ends on 31st March of this year.

The reviews are to be led by Karen Clayton, who holds the post of general counsel and company secretary job in the UK region of the business. The review will consist of a basic assessment of the National Grid’s current legal panel, with a full review set to take place in May; this will involve both no-panel and panel legal firms applying for a place on the company’s new list of legal suppliers, which will come into effect in 2015.

A final decision on the company’s legal panel is due to be made by Christmas of this year, according to this article, and could see a big shift in the legal setup of the energy company. The need for a review is said to have come about as a result of changes in the market in recent years.