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Mumsnet discovers ‘motherhood penalty’

3rd June 2015


Parent advice website Mumsnet has released the findings of a recent survey that illustrates the concerns that women face over sacrificing their careers for motherhood. The survey, which was conducted in May this year, was open to all Mumsnet users with at least one child and saw 1,314 individuals respond, illustrating the importance of the issue to working mothers.

Despite legislation introduced last year that saw parents share parental leave equally, where those with Magic Circle lawyer jobs in London were among the first to enjoy the changes, as reported here, it would seem that mothers still feel they are making career sacrifices in order to have children.

The survey found that 90 percent of mothers questioned think there is a ‘motherhood penalty’, where careers take a hit post-children, contributing to a pay and seniority gap between men and women in the workplace. While 65 percent felt having children had a negative impact on the career, interestingly, 73 percent said that having children had no impact on their partner’s career.

The survey suggests that while the new legislation is a positive move forward towards workplace equality, there is still a way to go before working mothers no longer feel as though they are choosing between their career and children.

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