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Microchipping dog law comes into force

5th April 2016

Dog microchipping law comes into place

The new dog microchipping law, which comes into force on April 6th, could see dog owners face fines of around £500 if they do not comply.

Despite the potentially large fine, it is believed thousands of dog owners have yet to comply with the impending law and are therefore putting themselves at risk of being fined.

Those in legal and lawyer jobs have been urged to be aware of the new rule change as many dog owners are expected to seek advice once the law has been implemented.

The new law states dog owners who have not yet microchipped their dogs will be served a 21-day notice to get their dog microchipped and if this time passes without action they will then face a fine.

Every dog in the UK to be listed

The new legislation will see a central database created and will list every dog within the UK to help tackle the problem of dogs going into the black market as well as assist dog wardens in identifying strays.

According to an article on ITV, stray or lost dogs on average cost the public £33 million every year, but with the new chips this will help reduce dogs being lost.

The process of inserting the microchip sees a sterile chip being inserted under the dog’s skin by its shoulder blades. Once completed the dog will have a code which will have the owner’s contact details stored on it.

The new rule also makes owners responsible for keeping their dog’s registration details up to date. Owners can only get their pets microchipped once they are eight weeks or older.