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McCanns win libel case

29th April 2015

Madeleine McCann

Gerry and Kate McCann, the parents of the missing Madeleine McCann who disappeared from their hotel room in Portugal in 2007, have won a libel case against a former Portuguese police chief after he wrote defaming accusations in his book. The book in question, The Truth of the Lie, has also been banned from further sale as a result of the hearing.

Those in defamation lawyer jobs across the world are likely to already be aware of this outcome, where Gonçalo Amaral, the former police chief who led the investigation for the then missing three year old, has been ordered to pay €500,000 in libel damages. The case was brought forward after Amaral accused the McCanns in his book of hiding their daughter’s body and faking her abduction after a fatal accident.

In speaking of the case, as reported here, Kate McCann said that the accusation was particularly damaging as it could prevent people from coming forward if they believed the former officer’s claims that the child is dead.

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