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Major legal shake-up completed at Eon

26th September 2012

Eon have announced the results of a wide-ranging review of their legal team, with its former assets and supply head chain Graham Line being named as its new chief. The energy giants are hoping that this change will lead to its total legal expenditure across Europe being brought under control.

The company also embarked upon a ‘blind tender’ legal recruitment process, which saw a raft of different private practices competing to head up Eon’s property panel, which also introduces a planning section that did not exist before, as well as a brand new panel dedicated solely to its operations in Scotland.

The tender system took place via what was essentially an online auction, with each of the applicants being able to see what the other firms were ‘bidding’ for the offering of their services, but not the names of their rivals. After this stage was completed, the practices which remained in the running had to compete against each other in terms of who offered the best value.