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Leveson leads to changes in privacy law landscape

6th September 2012

Legal experts believe that the highly publicised Leveson Inquiry, as well as a number of other factors, will lead to lasting changes in the frequency of privacy law cases and the manner in which they are carried out in the future.

Research revealed that the number of defamation cases brought against newspapers and other media outlets has fallen in the last year, partly due to the fact that journalists are generally now less willing to take risks with their reporting, following the intense public scrutiny that they have faced in the UK since the News of the World phone hacking scandal first broke into the headlines.

It is not expected, however, that legal recruitment agencies in London and elsewhere will see a drop in the number of vacancies that are put their way by private practices specialising in media law, however, as the comparative lack of defamation cases was also partly brought about by an increase in the number of other measures being taken by public figures to stop them from hitting the headlines, such as injunctions and so-called ‘super injunctions’.