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Legal profession to be transformed by new recruits

27th March 2014

Legal profession to be transformed by new recruitsInternational law firm Eversheds has released the details of its recent survey that shows more young lawyers entering the profession with strong ideas about the sector’s future. It is thought that this renewed sense of ambition and push for change has come as a result of the accelerated changes experienced by the sector in the last five years. 

Today’s generation of young lawyers are looking to transform the sector; legal recruitment agencies in London could see a whole ‘new breed of young lawyer’, according to this article on the survey. The main points of change found by the survey seemed to be an increased willingness to inject technology into the sector to replace outdated working practices and an increased focus on diversity in the workplace.

Legal recruitment agencies will already have felt the benefit of significant reforms to recruitment practices and employment policies implemented by firms but the survey still found gender equality to be an issue with regard to partnership opportunities and pay.

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