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Legal firms are main recipients of Jimmy Savile’s estate

2nd August 2016

Jimmy Savile's estate has been split

It has been revealed that the late Jimmy Savile’s estate has been spread amongst various legal advisors and personal injury (PI) compensation claimants.

The former television host’s estate, which was worth £4 million at his death in 2011, was the subject of numerous claims after his death alleging sexual abuse.

An article on STEP reports that in February 2014 the claimants’ lawyers had negotiated an agreement with Savile’s executor, Natwest, which set out the amounts to be paid by the estate to the claimants and their legal representatives.

This, however, was opposed by trustees of Savile's charitable trust, who was the main beneficiary of his will. After their challenge was squashed in the Court of Appeal in late 2014, Natwest has recently sent the final distribution proposal to the High Court for approval.

The estate is now worth £2 million as a result of a number of claims, the costs for lawyers and solicitors working on the case and other charges.

It has now been revealed that the payout included £1.8 million of legal costs, whilst the new settlement will see £1.03 million paid to 78 personal injury claims.

This means that the average payout for personal injury claims will be £13,000 each, but this will depend on the seriousness of the alleged assault.

The law firm for the PI claimants will receive £689,000, and a further £124,000 of damages and costs will be used to pay claims that involved the BBC and the NHS.

The report on the STEP website has also revealed that the estate is now broke and Savile’s will’s beneficiaries will receive nothing.

Jimmy Savile was a former DJ, TV and radio host, but following the number of claims into alleged abuse, Operation Yewtree was set up in order to look into historical allegations of child sex abuse by him and other people over four decades.